Business Process


We focus on a smooth, 360 Degree communications, which is made possible us to give utmost potential output with the usage of specific software like WebEx, Voice Chat, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Remote Desktop which is in addition to the conventional means of communication like telephone and e-mail. Depending upon the need of the client or SLA(Service Level Agreement) we get connected with customer to enhance communication to reduce iteration in work.


  • Virtual private network: Secure, flexible and simple to use
  • Immediate access without any advanced scheduling
  • Live e-Meeting
  • Instant Messaging
  • Live view of documents
  • Secure transmission of all proprietary information


ITPlusPoint offers high-quality solutions and services with cost effective way and so for our joining partner it is encouraging to be profitable with swift effort. ITPlusPoint will provide you with all the support and materials you may need like presentations, booklets, portfolio and case studies. In return we need you to do is to explore the opportunity where we will be valuable to potential new customers.

Advantages you do not have to invest huge money to start a business. You can dedicate as much time as you want to resell our services. We sign a contract that gives you full authority to represent interests of our Organisation in your country or area and regulates all the questions of commissions and related things. No experience in IT industry is required. 


Project Development Practices 

  • PMI
  • Agile Methodologies