Offshore Development

“Power of the offshore development center in India is to get best quality IT Brains and cost effective output” 

ITPlusPoint's expertise Offshore Development Service from India and is uniquely blend to provide offsite services for successfully developing and maintaining software applications. Its specially with trained resources, well defined infrastructure and time tested processes is the most beneficial outsourcing delivery model with a propeling value proposition for businesses looking at IT Outsourcing.

Our offshore software development service provides best quality output with efficient software project management. If you are looking for a firm that will take care of your software development needs in offshore and in cost-effectively; ITPlusPoint is your One Stop search. And same time we are continuously enhancing the quality of software development, maintenance and in consulting services, to lower the costs as we know world is changing fast with technologies. And we passionate to see out client stay in latest technologies and processes. 

We are also expertise dual-shore (Offshore – Onshore) and near-shore model. As per need of the client and projects we take strategic actions to make resource arrangement in onshore and offshore percentage. 


A typical Offshore Development Service engagement at ITPlusPoint, which delivers the following benefits: 

  • No Long-term Investments.
  • Tremendous Cost Savings.
  • Increase in Efficiency and Productivity.
  • Expands your service offerings.
  • Easy Project Execution.
  • Full Operational Control and hence no Business Risk
  • Dedicated Development Team works as per client's time zone and comfort.
  • No IT Infrastructure setup required.
  • Access to Best IT brains
  • High Return on Investment